VR Simulators – The future of training

VR Simulators are the future of training! With multiple advantages, VR Simulators are by far the best way to train your employees. Use VR Simulation and take your training to the next level.

  • Train as close to reality you can get
  • It is mobile
  • It has a perfect interaction between students and system
  • Use it both as a single- and multi student setup, and choose the scenario beneficial to your needs
  • Use it with multiple communication channels
  • It will significantly increase your ROI (Return on investment)
  • Practise on handling dangerous situations in a safe environment
  • Add situations that cannot be trained on by using traditional training
  • You never put people or equipment at risk; avoid injuries on employees and damages on equipment
  • We can guarantee that the students will learn a lot and feel that training this way is very exciting and useful

Simulator for Lifeboat Operations

Now you can train on the exact same types of lifeboats and davits that are installed on your specific vessels. Avoid any risk of injuries to your crew or damages to your equipment. You can train on a full mission simulator, meaning the lifeboat crew can use all functions.

The training is perfect for familiarization and functionality training. If you have the approval, you also may run Lifeboat Courses according to regulations form Maritime Authorities.

Do your training for embarkation | Lowering | Hoisting | Hook release | Start and stop of engine | Driving | Communication with bridge / instructor | Recovery of lifeboat

The instructor can change sea state, listing of mother ship, technical failures, visibility, day and night modes and weather conditions – train at conditions you can never do in real life exercises.

Simulator for MES (Marine Evacuation Systems)

To exercise on MES systems on a regular basis is costly and most likely impossible to do in a normal day-to-day operation on board a ship. Using VR Simulators to exercise on procedures and functionality is therefore an eminent way to increase the knowledge and skills of the crew.  

Customize your MES system in a VR Simulator and you may exercise on the ships specific procedures and equipment.

Do the training by using VR Simulators in a safe environment on a frequently basis where ever you want.

Simulator for Liferafts

Except during re-certification processes, it is not possible to exercise on liferafts because they should always be active during normal operations status on ships.

Customize your liferaft system in a VR Simulator and you will be able to exercise on the ships specific procedures and equipment.

By using VR Simulators you can train your officers and Crew on a regular basis, as often as necessary to keep them updated on procedures and activities is case of emergency situations.

Ice Navigation

Simulator for ice navigation is perfect to use for training of deck officers navigating in polar waters. This cost-effective training solution is based on VR technology with low cost and a mobility that means you can do the training from your office desk or onboard. Combine this with the regulation from IMO Polar Code, Table A-V/4-2, and you have training as realistic as possible.

This ice navigation simulator includes an instructor module where the instructor can control weather and daylight, add vessels to the scenario, change location, add props and voice communication with operators.  In other words, train in various conditions to extend your learning to the next level.

The simulator allows for multiple operators and vessels. The operators navigate by visuals and/or using ice radar and ECDIS – depending on weather conditions. You can have multiple operators on the same bridge and voice communication between them. In addition, you can also have multiple vessels and crew with communication between them in the same scenario. Our ice simulation model features real time collision and fracturing.

Product Training

Gangway Simulator is an example of product training that shows the connection between classroom theory and the actual product. Many of our customers also choose to deliver a simulator together with their product, which is strengthening their overall delivery.

We develop simulators for specific products both for shore based installations and the offshore industry. The simulators are custom made to the actual product operation and specified training needs. By using our platform, you can also merge several product simulators into one overall training system.

Further advantages:
– Low cost training of operators
– Reduced training risks
– Unique selling point for your product

Operational Training

Simulators are perfect to visualize complex operations between systems/equipment and students. This interactivity contains all the exercise issues and allow the students to train on complex situations in operational training.

Developing training simulators that are based on your business best practice gives your personnel consistent structured learning every time. Simulator technology also provides you with a higher training volume compared to accessing actual equipment. In addition – our simulators delivers an extremely high degree of realism both in operation and the visual experience.

The simulators are delivered as highly mobile units using VR technology, desktop solutions and traditional multi-screen/projector solutions. We always cater to your specific needs.