Fish Welfare – Basic course

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Fish Welfare – Basic course


According to the Aquaculture Regulations, everyone who works with live fish should have courses and training in fish welfare. The course deals with legislation, regulations, animal welfare and breeding, welfare needs and measurement, individual-based, group-based and environment-based welfare indicators. The course has follow-up questions along the way and a final exam at the end. If you pass the exam you will be issued an electronic course certificate which you can also download if you wish.




Throughout the course, you will learn more about the laws and regulations that regulate fish welfare in aquaculture, what animal welfare really is – and how welfare will apply to farmed fish. You will learn more about salmon, and important factors about it and its environment that may affect their welfare situation. To summarize, you who work in the fish farming industry will get the knowledge you need to protect and improve the welfare of fish.