We recommend taking courses with Google Chrome, as some browsers do not support all features (including Microsoft Edge). If you don`t have Google Chrome, you can see how to install it here.

You can use your computer, tablet or mobile phone taking courses, as long as you have access to Internet and a web browser.


If you want to take courses offline, you can use our TalentLMS app and download the course first. Download the app here.

Automatic reading of text

If you want to have the text read, this can be done automatically in most browsers. Due to some feature limitations, we recommend Google Chrome as your browser. To get text reading with this browser, you need to install an add-on, which is easily done by clicking here.

In this video we show you how to use the feature.

If you still want to use Microsoft Edge, this browser has a built-in reading function. Right-click on the text and click “read aloud”.

In this video we show how this is done. Keep in mind that some features of the course may work better in Google Chrome. You can easily log in to another browser and continue the course where you left of.

If you close the browser, or close the app without using the “Close course” function, you may lose your progress on the course.