eLearning – Competence Without Boundaries

ASK eLearning, a company in the ASK Group, is a Norwegian based company that develops and offers eLearning courses to a variety of industries both in Norway and internationally. Based on years of knowledge and experience, ASK eLearning AS offers the cutting edge in eLearning technology with regards to education, manufacturing, systems, technology, and execution. In addition to expertise located in Norway, the company has its own animation department in Manila, Philippines. Please ask us to create animations for you.

For information about the other companies in the group, click here for ASK Safety Inc. in USA, click here for ASK Safety in Norway or click here for ASK Norge.

Our slogan, Competence Without Boundaries, refers to the possibilities to share competence, experience and “state-of-the-art” technology using online global teaching. Today there are no borders for learning and we in ASK eLearning AS use this opportunity to educate people in many industries worldwide.

The ASK Group has from the start in 1995, grown to become an international enterprise with global activities in both private and governmental sectors. The companies in the group comply with regulations from certification bodies like ISO, Maritime Authorities, Oil and Gas regulatories and others.

All the eLearning courses available here at www.ask-elearning.net are based on the customers need, many years of experience from teaching, excellence expertise and a desire to make eLearning courses as motivating and fruitful as possible for the students.

Welcome to increase your competence and knowledge at www.ask-elearning.net.